“Come and sing modern sacred songs!”

Church songs, rather old-fashioned? Not at all! You don’t need to be an experienced singer. You just want to sing together.

Come and discover the repertoire of modern sacred songs in Hallelujah. They’ve got catchy melodies and poetic, committed lyrics.

Here’s a small sample of the titles selected: “Je louai l’Eternel”, “Comme une souffle fragile”; “Chercher d’abord le Royaume de Dieu”; “Laisserons-nous à notre table un peu de place à l’étranger…”.

I’ll accompany us on guitar. But if anyone would like to take up theirs, we’d be delighted!

Next dates

  • Wednesday, october 18
  • Wednesday, november 1
  • Wednesday, november 15
  • Wednesday, November 29
  • Wednesday, December 13th

12:15pm to 12:45pm at UNIL (POL 249)