Advanced workshop with Mélanie Gordon, storyteller and trainer

Folk tales are a treasure trove of wisdom. They’re for everyone, young and old. They allow us to experience the world differently. The workshop is aimed primarily at those who have taken the “L’art de conter” course in spring 2023. Following this immersion in storytelling and a wonderful experience, it is proposed to perfect one’s tale or to work on another with a view to presenting it to the public.

An evening of “storytelling evenings” will be organized and performed by the group on December 7. Anyone who has taken part in the workshop, or who already has experience of storytelling, is welcome. It’s an opportunity to tell your tale to an audience of caring people (friends, family, loved ones) and gain experience under real-life conditions. Participation limited to 14 people!

Late September, early October: rework your story, think about storytelling tools, props, music, lighting, etc. (individual work with coaching by Mélanie Gordon).

  • Tuesday November 7 and 21: perfecting your storytelling and organizing the wake
  • Thursday, December 7: Tales of wisdom and humor evening (UNIL chaplaincy, POL 249)

Student rate : 30.- CHF / Employee rate UNIL EPFL 45.- CHF.

Payment to the CCP de l’aumônerie at the time of registration, or to the CCP de l’Aumônerie UNIL-EPFL CH08 0900 0000 1001 7481 2

Come and discover how to tell folk tales from here and there, funny or full of wisdom.

Register by September 25, 2023 via this form