Car parks

Parking spaces

Green places

Places reserved for EPFL employees, Innovation Park companies and permanent service providers.

Yellow places

Private paying places, reserved for EPFL employees and permanent service providers.

White places

The white squares are open to the general public. They are managed by means of time stamps.

2017 parking policy

In 2015, in response to the progressive congestion of road networks and parking lots as well as to related nuisances, EPFL Direction – acting on a proposal from the Vice-Presidency Resources and Infrastructures (VRPI) – took the decision to introduce a new parking policy.

This is being implemented in two stages:

  1. January 2016: first adaptation of parking fees
  2. January 2017: second rate increase with abolition of the annual pass and introduction of consumption-based fees with electronic payment for green spaces.

In this process, EPFL Direction has involved its social and participatory partners, as well as all competent central services.


Parking desk

Monday-Friday: 7h30-12h00

Room CO 051

Parking issues: [email protected]

Camipro payment issues: [email protected]