online help web application is aimed to find people withinEPFL, but also to enrich his personal profile with a photo and text (training, career, publications, work, skills …)
Profil issu d'un code barre

Anyone at EPFL (student, staff) automatically receives a page ‘’ and can modify it, with the exception of official data.
To modify his page, log in with his GASPAR account (‘edit’ button at the top right).

By default, only the contact information, from official LDAP directory are displayed (as well as, for teachers, a ‘Teaching and PhD’ paragraph, with the data automatically coming from is-academia) .
If you wish to hide somebody’s presence in this directory, please ask your ‘ accrediteur’ to disable the “Publication in the Web Directory” property on all his or her accreditations.
The information posted on this page can be automatically retrieved in other applications, including the WordPress CMS, where it is possible to create trombinoscopes of units (laboratories …)