Courants continus – Rudy Decelière

Courants continus par Rudy Decelière - photo Alain Herzog

From April 28 to December 11
EPFL Rolex Learning Center

Artist Rudy Decelière put the murmuring of a river beneath the outside vault of the RLC.

→ Opening: Thursday April 28 at 6:00 pm

851 mini speakers
are linked together by weft yarns broadcasting the sound of water running. As an inverted river, this work suggests unnatural and unique sounds, inspired by a water-like motion spreading in space.

After being in residence at CERN, Rudy Decelière is invited within the framework of EPFL’s programme “Artist on the Campus”. He chose to present under one of the Rolex Learning Center’s vault a visual and sound display titled Courants continus.

The title points toward electricity, the network and water. All these elements reunite in this work of art which – says the artist – « tackles and questions with sensibility the acoustic features which constitute the sound made by water in motion, in its richness as well as in its simplicity. Among the tap’s water drop and the torrent, how is the stream recognizable as such, and in which manner hundreds of thousands of little elementary sounds theoretically discernible form a global noise (on the verge of white noise), that is, the noise of water flowing ? » A question both poetic and scientific which is also taken care of by engineers from EPFL, whom the artist was able to meet.

Rudy Decelière was born in France in 1979, he lives and works in Geneva. He studied at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) and mainly explores sound art through a three-dimensional medium, offering as many outdoor spaces as indoor and this considering their situations, their architectural components and their original sound landscapes.