Bouteille (Bottle) – A travel against the current

From 20th to 26th September 2016
South opening of the Rolex Learning Center (lakeside)

A gigantic bottle has ran aground on the lake shores  near the Rolex Learning Center. Inside, artist Abraham Poincheval lives his life autonomously, looking at the landscape, making small objects and talking to visitors.

Abraham Poincheval expriments with singular life environments: he shut himself in a bear’s skin and even lived in a cave. For the project « La Bouteille, un voyage à contre-courant » (The Bottle, a travel against the current), he planned to live one week inside a bottle purposely built for this performance.

This Bottle, transparent, 6 meters long and 2 meters high will be placed along the Rhône river at different locations during the year 2016. Life within the bottle is a contemplating and observing one, with visual and spoken exchanges with the outside. Everything is brought inside for survival.

Metaphorically, the Bottle makes us think about the bottles thrown to the sea containing messages, or about enigmatic objects coming from far away. The Bottle is also a way to stage the landscape and a location associated with the Rhône river. With each location of the Bottle is brought inside an element of its current place and the ballast of its former travels and history.