Solve This Captcha Series

Five neon sign
8 mm
white glas tubes – transformers – metal frames

Solve This Captcha Series (2017-2017) - by Mediengruppe Bitrnik

The idea that we have been surrounded by bots for such a long time, that we communicate with them on a daily basis and that we can hardly distinguish them from real people, is presented to viewers when they stand before large, luminous surfaces of the work series Solve this captcha

Captchas are sequences of typographic characters only legible to people and not to robots. The different pick-up lines serve as the artistic material for the captchas that are adding up to questions that !Mediengruppe Bitnik deals with in both series of works: What influence do automated, algorithmic and artificially intelligent systems have on our reality and everyday life? How can we understand the man-machine relationship? Who is still part of the system and who is responsible?