Assyr Abdulle’s Memorial Conference, February 2nd 2023

To honour the memory of Professor Assyr Abdulle and celebrate his contributions, the Institute of Mathematics at EPFL is organising a Memorial Conference, February 2nd 2023.

Invited speakers

  • Weinan E (Princeton University)
  • Bjorn Engquist (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Marcus Grote (University of Basel)
  • Ernst Hairer (Université de Genève)
  • Martin Hairer (EPFL)
  • Benedict Leimkuhler (Edinburgh University)
  • Greg Pavliotis (Imperial College London)
  • Alfio Quarteroni (EPFL and Politecnico Milano)
  • Martin Vetterli (EPFL)
  • Gilles Vilmart (Université de Genève)
  • Gerhard Wanner (Université de Genève)
  • Konstantinos Zygalakis (Edinburgh University)

There are no registration fees, however, in order to assist with planning the event, we kindly ask all attendants to register (see top left).