Information Theory and Coding

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Lectures Monday 13:00 – 15:00 (Room: ELA01)
Tuesday 13:00 – 15:00 (Room: ELA02)
Exercises Tuesday 15:00 – 17:00 (Room: ELA02)
Language: English
Credits : 7 ECTS

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Special Announcements

Midterm results: midtermresults.pdf.

The final exam has been set on Thursday January 16th from 16:15 to 19:15. It will take place in room PO 01. The exam will cover all the topics in the course. You can have twice the number of sheets as in the midterm. No book, no notes, no cellphones, no pocket calculators, or any other electronic devices.
Notes on Tunstall coding, the Lempel-Ziv algorithm, coding theory and polar coding are posted on “Additional Reading Material” section.

Detailed Schedule

Date Topics Covered Assignment Solutions Remarks
Sep 16 public holiday,
no course :-)
Sep 17 Intro to source coding; non-singular, Homework 1 Solutions 1
uniquely decodable, prefix-free codes;
Kraft’s inequality for prefix-free codes.
Sep 23 Kraft’s inequality for uniquely decodable
codes; lower bound on optimal codes.
Sep 24 Upper bound on optimal codes; Homework 2 Solutions 2
Huffman codes.
Sep 30 Entropy (H); Properties of H; Joint entropy;
Divergence; Conditional entropy;
Mutual information (I); Chain rule for H.
Oct 01 Conditioning reduces entropy; Properties Homework 3 Solutions 3
of I; Conditional mutual information;
Chain tule for I; Interpretation of H.
Oct 07
Oct 08 Homework 4 Solutions 4
Oct 14
Oct 15 Homework 5 Solutions 5
Oct 21
Oct 22 Homework 6 Solutions 6
Oct 28
Oct 29 Midterm Solutions
Nov 04
Nov 05 Homework 7 Solutions 7
Nov 11
Nov 12 Homework 8 Solutions 8
Nov 18
Nov 19 Homework 9 Solutions 9
Nov 25
Nov 26 Homework 10 Solutions 10
Dec 02
Dec 03
Dec 09
Dec 10 Homework 11 Solutions 11
Dec 16
Dec 17 Homework 12 Solutions 12
Final exam 2012 Final Solutions
Final exam 2013 Final Solutions
Final exam 2014 Final Solutions


Elements of information theory, Thomas M. Cover, Joy A. Thomas, 2006. ISBN:0-471-24195-4

Additional Reading Material

Claude Shannon’s A Mathematical Theory of Communication, published in Bell System Technical Journal, 1948 (part 1 in July, part 2 in October)

Notes on Tunstall codes: Tunstall
Notes on the Lempel-Ziv algorithm: Lempel-Ziv
Notes on coding theory: Coding
Presentation on polar codes: Polar