Measures of Information

Papers to study

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Schedule Wednesday April 20

Room: INF 213 until 12:00, INM 203 after 12:00

10:00 AM   Karim ALI   A. Barron, Entropy and the Central Limit Theorem
10:30 AM   Marc DESGROSEILLERS   C. Villani, A Short Proof of the Concavity of Entropy Power
11:00 AM   Patrick FARNOLE   E.T.Jaynes, Concentration of Distributions at Entropy Maxima
11:30 AM   Anastasiya TYCHINSKAYA   P. K. Newton and S. A. DeSalvo, The Shannon entropy of Sudoku matrices
12:00 AM   Lyudmila YARTSEVA   J. Aczel, Measuring information beyond communication theory: Why some generalized information measures may be useful, others not


12:30 AM   Mohamed KAFSI   L. Ekroot and T. Cover, The entropy of Markov Trajectories


13:00 AM   Saurabh DESHPANDE   O. Rioul, A Simple Proof of the Entropy-Power Inequality via Properties of Mutual Information