Welcome to the new students in the spring semester!

On 19th February, the spring semester started and seven master students joined our lab to work on their TP4b projects: three projects focus on the development of detectors, and four other projects on data analysis on the LHCb, SND or DAMPE experiments. 

  • SiPM measurements(PDE, gain), supervised by Esteban: Pascal Kelly
  • B+ to K+ τ+ τ- simulation, supervised by Maria: Lia Lammert
  • γ-ray detection with DAMPE, supervised by Jennifer: Samuel Bakker
  • ν reconstruction using Machine Learning techniques at SND@LHC, supervised by Jan: Noémie Duc
  • SciFi mat R&D for LHCb Upgrade II, supervised by Gianluca: Maxence Fugazza
  • SiPM crosstalk and micro lenses characterisation, supervised by Federico: Guillaume Wolf
  • Ξ- to Λ μ- ν, supervised by Alexandre: Eliot Bornand


Lucas Pyziak will also join us while working on his Specialisation Project. Half of the semester he will work on μ-flux measurements at LHC, supervised by Ettore. Afterwards he will be working with Roberto.