Welcome to the new Spring semester students!

This semester, a lot of new exciting students project will be held by lab members.

TP4b (every Monday)

  • Machine learning for Heavy Neutral Leptons search, supervised by Konstantin: Nelson Glardon
  • Search for Lambda_b to J/psi Xi- K+ decay, supervised by Luismi: Florent Préau
  • Search for b pentaquarks, supervised by Arvind: Simon Della Santa
  • Heavy Neutral Leptons search with electrons and muons, supervised by Jan: Ninon Cabot
  • Transient current in silicon detector, supervised by Esteban: Mia Zosso
  • Search for tetraquarks, supervised by Yunxuan: Kai Kang
  • The NA62 Gigatracker, supervised by Alina: Dariia Berezovska

Specialisation semester

  • B+ to J/psi K pipi as a normalisation channel, supervised by Elena: Léa Dreyfus, then Parzival Nussbaum
  • Studying microlenses detector, supervised by Federico: Parzival Nussbaum then Léa Dreyfus