Welcome to our new TP4b students!

This Monday, 21st of February 2022, the semester started again at EPFL and UNIL. Eight new students joined the ranks of LPHE to do an experimental physics project: four projects will be on the subject of detector development and the other four on different data analyses of LHCb. We wish the students a lot of success and – most importantly – fun!

The pairings of students and their supervisors are as follows:

Student name Project Supervisor name
Lucas Bezio TP4b Donal Hill
Matthieu Leydier TP4b Elena Graverini
Tobias Monnard TP4b Elisabeth Niel
Loïs Niggli TP4b Ettore Zaffaroni
Parzival Nussbaum TP4b Maarten Van Dijk
Timothée Perrin TP4b Carina Trippl
Célia Polivka TP4b Serhii Cholak
Bastien Turiel TP4b Sonia Bouchiba
Lucas Russel exchange Konstantin Androsov