Mechanical Metallurgy Laboratory (LMM)

Research at the Laboratory of Mechanical Metallurgy addresses the science and engineering of advanced metallic materials.

Our activities and interests span the entire spectrum from materials processing to the exploration of links between the microstructure and the properties of materials. Materials we study are made at least in part of metal and can be destined for structural or for functional applications.

Our approach is largely but not exclusively experimental and touches upon a number of subtopics of materials science. These include capillarity, infiltration, powder densification, phase transformations including solidification, composite and cellular materials, micromechanics, damage and fracture, dislocational plasticity and creep, and the physics of conduction.

Our current projects

The present project, carried out in collaboration with the laboratory of Prof. Yves Bellouard (GALATEA), combines three-dimensional (3D) femtosecond laser processing and metal pressure infiltration to provide a new pathway to the manufacturing of metallic components that have a complex shape at sub-micron resolution. Since there is currently no tool for producing true three-dimensional components at the micrometer scale, this process could address the needs from various industrial sectors such as medtech (micro-implants), consumer electronics, lasers, telecommunications (electro-optics components), and also watchmaking (decorations, components).

In this project we aim at addressing the mechanical properties of oxide inclusions embedded in an iron matrix, as well as the inclusion-matrix interface characteristics. The elastic modulus, hardness and strength of oxides generated within an iron melt and produced in our laboratory will be addressed using nanoindentation techniques as well as testing procedures developed at LMM during previous projects.