Educational tools

Create your own ultrafast experiment

Here we provide an interactive tool for simulating an UltraFast Spectroscopy Experiment for the Na-I molecule.

Textbooks and standard lecture materials often provide very simplified picture of the effect of a short laser pulse on the nuclear wave function during photo-excitation. In our own experience, the behavior of a wave packet near a conical intersection or response of a particular system to a laser pulse can be often had to visualize. Therefore, we decided to created a handy, easy-to-use, computational tool, which would enable to directly observe non-adiabatic dynamics of simple systems in an interactive fashion.

The concept is that you can define the initial parameters for the wave packet, pulse, and dynamics. The result is calculated fully quantum mechanically in the background. Different animations, that corresponds to the chemical or physical pictures, visualize the quantum mechanics.

Enjoy an UltraFast Experience 

You have to download the free “Wolfram CDF Player“.