The research in LCPT is focused on:

Molecular quantum dynamics: We develop quantum, semiclassical, mixed quantum-classical, and Feynman path-integral methods for adiabatic and nonadiabatic molecular quantum dynamics. We are especially interested in combining quantum and semiclassical dynamics with an on-the-fly evaluation of electronic structure.

Ultrafast dynamics and spectroscopy: We apply the methods developed in our group to analyze the dynamics of molecules induced by the interaction with ultrashort laser pulses and to evaluate both continuous-wave and time-resolved electronic absorption, emission, and Raman spectra.

Quantum stastistics and kinetics: We combine the methods of quantum dynamics and quantum statistics to evaluate thermal rate constants and kinetic and equilibrium isotope effects

Statistical biophysics and bioinformatics: Applying methods of statistical physics to problems of molecular biology: In particular we develop algorithms for predicting genes regulated by microRNAs and other small RNAs and for understanding the function of the noncoding RNA molecules in development and disease.