The Economics of Solar Installations

Contact: Maaz Mashood Mohiuddin


Domestic solar installations are becoming pervasive. The goal of this project is to answer questions regarding these installations that trouble every household that is trying to make up their mind about the investment. Such questions are:

  • How much does my solar installation cost?
  • How much do I save?
  • When do I break even?
  • How does installating a Tesla powerwall battery change the economics?

We have developed T-RECS[1], a simulator for electrical grids that allows for simulating grids with batteries and solar panels. In this project, we will use T-RECS in different scenarios and answer the aforementioned questions. Additionaly, we will simulate the grid with an intelligent control algorithm COMMELEC[2] and study its impact on the overall economics.


  1. Achara, Jagdish Prasad, Mashood Mohiuddin Maaz, Wajeb Saab, Roman Rudnik, and Jean-Yves Le Boudec. T-RECS: A Software Testbed for Multi-Agent Real-Time Control of Electric Grids. No. EPFL-REPORT-228318. 2017.
  2. Commelec tutorial

Required Skills:

  • Power systems
  • Python
  • Statistics

Supervisors: Maaz Mashood Mohiuddin