Implementation of a joint FEC and playout adjustment scheme for audio

Contact: Catherine Boutremans

Site: Implementation of a joint FEC and playout adjustment scheme for audio

Forward Error Correction copes with packet losses, but at the expense of an increase of the end-to-end delay. By failing to take this into account, error control schemes for audio often lead to end-to-end delays larger than 150ms, which has an impact on the perceived audio quality. We recently developped joint rate/error/delay control algorithms for audio which take the delay into account in the choice of FEC. These algorithms optimize a measure of perceived audio quality, which is considered as a function of both the audio encoding rate received at the destination and the end-to-end delay. These algoritms have been developped and simulated in the Network Simulator ns2. The JOB OF THE STUDENT will be to implement the adaptive rate/error/delay control in a real audio tool, developped at UCL, London, called RAT. This audio tool is written in C.

Benefits: Learn about audio, error correction and Internet Differentiated services.

Domain: Multimedia; Protocol design and implementation

Student info: This project requires very good C programming skills.