Algorithms and Data Analysis for Finding Power Network Vulnerabilities

Contact: Marguerite Delcourt

In order to control the energy flow of a SmartGrid, measurements are taken every 20ms at various locations of the grid. The acquired data is aggregated and analysed in order to estimate the state of the system. If too much data is attacked or lost, it will compromise the control decisions.

In this project, we will look at algorithmic solutions to find vulnerable sets of measurements. We will understand and implement two known algorithms. Time permitting, we will investigate a new solution, implement it and compare its accuracy and complexity with the existing solutions.

Project Goals

  • understand 2 existing solutions
  • implement them (not from scratch, already have some elements)
  • time permitting: investigate a new solution, implement it, and compare accuracy and complexity

Student profile


  • matlab coding
  • algorithmic knowledge is a plus
  • basics in linear algebra