Instructions for semester project


  • Before the start of the Semester Project: choice of the project, discussion with the responsible and contact with the professor  (email with: title of the project and name of responsible).
  • Follow-up of the semester registration procedure of the section
    The registration to the Instant-Lab secretary should be done minimum 3 weeks before the beginning of the semester.
  • Two weeks after the beginning: detailed workplan and objectives have been established (one page)
  • Mid-project : Intermediate presentation
  • End of the project : Report and final presentation

Reports delivery

  • Semester project report should be delivered electronically to the assistant and to the Instant-Lab secretary at 12h00 on the due date (refer to academic calendar). One paper copy is also required. Follow the guidelines for writing reports
  • All the electronic datas used and produced during the project (report in PDF, presentation, images, videos, CAD, files…) have to be given to your assistant with a USB-key or hard drive (which will be then given back).

Intermediate oral presentation (mid-semester) 10min presentation, 15min discussion

  • Objectives of the project (context, motivation, specifications)
  • Background, description of the problem, hypothesis
  • Methodology – choice of the solutions – theoretical basis
  • Results
  • Analysis of the results (in the perspective of the objectives)
  • Work for the next phase (adjustments of the objectives, management of problems)

Final oral presentation (Last week of the semester) 15min presentation + 15min discussion

Same plan as intermediate presentation + :

  • Conclusion (in the perspective of the initial objectives)
  • Outlook
  • Self evaluation

Evaluation criteria

The projects are evaluated on the basis of the report, work in the lab and oral presentations.

Criteria :
Report: Presentation of the problem, selection of methods, theoretical developments, experimental part, analysis of results and conclusion, quality of the report (writing, layout…)
Work in the lab: Involvement to the project, organization, documentation, quality and quantity of experimental work, creativity, communication with the team
Oral presentations: Clarity of the objectives, quality of the presentation, reply to questions