Instant-Lab in the media

Media coverage of the IsoSpring project

MIH Conference: conference report published in the journal “Le Carillon, les amisMIH”, n44-p15

Conference report

Media echo to the presentation of the IsoSpring clock in the freshly renovated Neuchâtel town hall on December 16, 2016.

Révue FH 19.01.2017

Articles in the press concerning the presentation of IsoSpring at the “Journée d’étude de la Société Suisse de Chronométrie”,  Sept 17, 2014. [Italian] pdf

PuristSPro [English] pdf [French] pdf [English] [Italian] pdf [English] pdf [English] pdf [English] pdf [English]

Article published in L’EXPRESS – L’IMPARTIAL on the inauguration day of the Microcity building: A l’assaut du tic-tac horloger, 2014-05-08


The Lab in the media

26.09.2015 Visit of local high school students at the Instant-lab 


SWI swissinfo article on Microcity in several languages:

Will a research hub revolutionise the watch sector_ – SWI

Un centre de recherche pour révolutionner l’horlogerie – SWI

Mit Mikrotechnik die Uhrenbranche revolutionieren – SWI

Potrà un centro di ricerca rivoluzionare l’orologeria_ – SWI

Um centro de pesquisas revolucionando o setor relojoeiro_ – SWI

هل ينجح مركز _ميكروسيتي_ في إحداث ثورة في قطاع الساعات؟ – SWI

瑞士高级腕表面临高科技革命 – SWI

¿El nuevo centro puede revolucionar la relojer2ía_ – SWI

«Microсity» начинает отсчет новой эры – SWI