and to reach ECOL

From EPFL metro station to ECOL

Locate on this map the “M1 EPFL” stop (middle-top) and the GR building (middle-right). Follow the “Route de la Sorge” road to the “Chemin des Arpenteurs” street, turn right and go straight on as far as you see the metal looking building on your left, GR building. Enter the dark green door, follow the corridor opening to the right of the entrance hall till the end. Turn around the light green block facing the corridor: there is a lift and/or a stair case behind the yellow doors. Go one floor up and walk around the light green black (where the restrooms are located) and walk down the corridor direction metro. The secretariat is on your right, third office door (GR A1 444).

and/or to help you once on the EPFL campus, please use our “orientation tool” to locate a building, place or person on the site. You can also find information concerning the route to take to get from one place to another.