Open Positions


At the DCML, we are always looking for people who share our fascination for music, musical structure and the human musical mind. Our research projects are strongly interdisciplinary. We are open for  candidates with a background in

  • musicology, music theory, and linguistics
  • psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience
  • computer science, machine learning, data science and mathematical modelling
  • … or a related field

There are several ways to work with us. Each year we have paid student assistant and internship opportunities. We are open for supervised semester research projects or final MA and BA theses.  We also have regular PhD openings. At EPFL all PhD students are fully paid employees. Therefore each PhD position has to be supported by internal or externally funded projects or PhD scholarships. We announce open positions as soon as they are available.

If you are strongly interested in our research, feel free to get in contact even if we may not have a current opening.


Internship opportunities

Student Assistants & Semester Projects

Master’s theses

PhD positions