Internships & Assistantships

If you are considering an internship or assistantship in our lab, please send a short self-introduction with relevant biographical, educational, or professional background, alongside a statement of purpose, to our lab administrator, Ms Estelle Quinton. In addition to your current CV or resumé, you may also attach your portfolio (if any) or academic transcripts.

Please note that different eligibiilty criteria apply to each type of internship:

  1. academic-year internships for Bachelor’s or Master’s students;
  2. summer internships for Bachelor’s or Master’s students;
  3. internships for enhancing a completed Master’s degree;
  4. doctoral student visits.

Upon receiving your application, we will forward it to the EPFL Human Resources office for an eligibility check. We will be unable to substantially review your application unless that preliminary check is successful.

Please not that, in most cases, we review applications for remunerated opportunities twice a year: in mid-April and mid-November. Non-remunerated positions (e.g. visits with personal or external funding) are reviewed more frequently.