Tree Annotation Tool

A screenshot of the tree annotation tool

Trees are useful for describing structural relations in sequences, such as syntactic relations in sentences or harmonic relations in chord progressions. Collections of trees for sentences or pieces of music (such as the Jazz Harmonic Treebank) are used for training and evaluating computational models of this latent structure.

The tree annotation tool is a simple and easy-to-use web app for creating trees. The user provides a sequence of symbols and then creates a tree from bottom to top by successively combining elements. The tool includes functionality for loading and exporting trees in JSON or qtree format (useful for LaTeX), as well as a preview visualization of the current tree. Trees can be easily shared using special links that encode a tree in the URL, like this. The source code of the tool is available on GitHub.

If you use this application or its source code in any way, please cite the the following paper:

  • D. Harasim, C. Finkensiep, P. Ericson, T. J. O’Donnell, and M. Rohrmeier (2020). The Jazz Harmony Treebank. In Proceedings of the 21th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference. Montréal, Canada.