Workshop on “Falling and blowing snow at the poles and high mountains”


This workshop aims to gather the researchers active in the domain of Antarctic precipitation and snow transport in order to discuss the scientific priorities in this field in the coming years, as well as to identify possible collaborations and synergies in terms of instrumental capabilities, collected data sets and numerical tools. Changes in the surface mass balance (SMB) of the Antarctic ice sheet related to global warming havedirect global impact on sea level rise. Precipitation and snow transport by the wind are two primaryprocesses controlling SMB, which relative influence varies as a function of scale. Precipitation andsnow transport remain however poorly understood in Antarctica because of the challengingenvironmental conditions, and the associated uncertainties must be characterized to obtain relevantSMB estimates.


Snowfall and surface mass balance at Princess Elizabeth station

N. Souverijns & co-authors

A. Berne & co-authors

J.B. Madeleine

I. Gorodetskaya and co-authors

R. Bennartz and co-authors


Blowing and depositing snow

F. Naiim and co-authors

V. Vionnet and co-authors

K. Nishimura and co-authors

M. Lehning and co-authors

A. Gossart and co-authors

Accumulation/surface mass balance

G. Picard and co-authors

C. Amory and co-authors

C. Agosta and co-authors

J. Lenaerts and co-authors

M. van den Broeke and co-authors