The classes that are currently taught by members of COSMO are:

Up-to-date material for the classes is usually made available on Moodle. Here we have archived materials for some of the past classes, such as Surfaces and interfaces that can be useful to get an idea of the content, or for students external to EPFL.

This course provides an introduction to the modeling of matter at the atomic scale, using interactive Jupyter notebooks to see several of the core concepts of materials science in action.     Simulation and modeling has become an integral part of the process of designing and optimizing materials for the most diverse applications. Truly predictive simulations, that (…)

An overview of simulation techniques that are useful for the computational modeling of materials and molecules at the atomistic level

This class introduces the basic concepts used to describe the atomic or molecular structure of surfaces and interfaces and the underlying thermodynamic concepts. The influence of interfaces on the properties of materials is also discussed.