Application guidelines

At the Laboratory of Computational Science and Modelling (COSMO) we run a very inter-disciplinary research program that ranges from pencil-and-paper methodological developments, to implementation efforts, to application to challenging fundamental problems and applications in materials science and physical chemistry. We encourage you to take your time famliarizing yourself with the research we do in our group, and to explain in your application how your experience and interests can fit into this framework.  If you are applying for a specific opening please also read carefully the project-specific information.

We look for candidates that are enthusiastic, motivated, creative and independent, with an attitude for critical thinking. The applicant’s background should show familiarity with scientific computing, numerical methods, and their application to materials science, chemistry or physics. We are open to consider diverse scientific backgrounds at the doctoral level, while hiring at the post-doctoral level tends to be more focused.

Applications can be sent to this e-mail address and should contain:

  • a full CV including publication list, and a full transcript of marks for doctoral candidates,
  • two reference letters, or contact information of two references,

if you want to go the extra mile, and show you are really interested in the job, you can also include

  • a cover letter (no more than a page) explaining why you would like to work at COSMO and how your profile fits our research program, or a the requirements of a specific job opening
  • the solution to a simple puzzle.

Applications that do not comply with these prescriptions may be silently ignored.

Ph.D. applicants should consider that they also have to enroll and be selected for the EPFL doctoral school in materials. Instructions can be found here. It is advisable to file the application before contacting us: it requires the same kind of information – so you can collect it just once – and admission allows you to apply for posts in other laboratories at EPFL. If you apply for EDMX, there is no need to re-send reference letters for the application to COSMO.