EDRS Final exam

Final exam schedule (the default deadline is 4 years after enrolment)

  • 6 months before the exam deadline, Corinne will send an e-mail to the student and thesis advisor/co-advisor announcing the exam procedure; the student and the thesis advisor/co-advisor should be able to give a clear answer whether the exam is scheduled regularly or an extension of the doctoral studies will be requested shortly
  • 4 months before the exam deadline, the student ccing the advisor/co-advisor will submit an unsigned jury proposal to Corinne per e-mail for approval (only names required, no date at that point)
  • 8 weeks before the exam, an approved proposal signed by the student, thesis advisor/co-advisor must be submitted to Corinne together with credits statement signed by thesis advisor/co-advisor (fields to be completed in IS-Academia)

For your convenience, you will find hereafter some useful links regarding the Research and writing of the thesis.

List of final exam jury presidents, duly approved by the VPE

Prof. Alahi Alexandre
Prof. Aminian Kamiar
Prof.  Billard Aude
Prof. Blanke Olaf
Dr.  Boulic Ronan
Prof.  Dillenbourg Pierre
Prof. Faltings Boi
Prof. Fantner Georg
Prof. Ferrari Trecate Giancarlo
Prof.  Floreano Dario
Dr.  Gillet Denis
Prof.  Ijspeert Auke
Prof.  Jones Colin
Dr. Karimi Alireza
Prof.  Kiritsis Dimitris
Prof. Kneib Jean-Paul
Prof.  Martinoli Alcherio
Prof. Micera Silvestro
Prof.  Millán José del R.
Prof.  Mondada Francesco
Prof.  Paik Jamie
Prof.  Perriard Yves
Prof. Pioletti Dominique
Dr. Pu Pearl
Prof. Ramdya Pavan
Prof. Sakar Selman
Prof.  Schiffmann Jürg Alexander
Prof. Shea Herbert
Dr.  Skaloud Jan