EDMS Available positions

Next EDMS interview session: 22nd to 24th January 2020

This page will be updated whenever new positions become available:

GHI / Global Health Institute:
Andrea Ablasser
“Targeting innate immunity in autoimmune diseases” & “Exploring the link between senescence and inflammation”
Melanie Blokesch
“Ecology and evolution of the human pathogen Vibrio cholerae
Bruno Lemaitre
“Genetic dissection of the Drosophila immune response”
IBI / Interschool Institute of Bioengineering:
Patrick Barth Engineering powerful proteins with novel functions for cell engineering, synthetic biology and therapeutic applications
David Suter
“Quantitative live cell imaging of transcription factor dynamics underlying stem cell self-renewal” & “Role of mitotic bookmarking in cancer stem cell self-renewal
Li Tang
“Metabolic reprogramming of exhausted T-cells for enhanced cancer immunotherapy”.
ISREC / Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research:
Cathrin Brisken
“Effects of progestins used in hormonal contraception and hormone replacement therapy on the breast epithelium” & “Personalized endocrine therapy of breast cancer”
Pierre Gönczy “Mechanisms of centriole assembly and of cell division”
NIHS / Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences:

Additional information on projects may be available on lab webpages of EDMS thesis directors.