BestOf 2017

Exhibition of student projects in architecture

This book presents 33 student projects representative of the vast urbanistic and architectural reflection issued annually at the design studios of the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.

In addition to its teaching mission, EPFL is a privil ged place for research and the sharing of knowledge. The architectural design project is a practical as well as intellectual exercise that is based on concrete experience while simultaneously inspiring unhampered and personal analysis. This book wants to share
the best examples.

Jury members:

Christina Zoumboulakis, architect, Lausanne
Marc-Henri Collomb, architect, Lausanne
Cedric van der Poel, anthropologist-urbanist, Lausanne
Martin Fröhlich, professor EPFL, Lausanne
Jeffrey Huang, professor EPFL, Lausanne

Introduction: Cyril Veillon, Archizoom director

The Book

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The exhibition

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