Master program in Quantum Science and Engineering

This interdisciplinary Master’s is designed to prepare graduates from various backgrounds to handle the new paradigm shift brought by Quantum Science and Technology in the way we treat data, communicate, measure and compute. Thanks to their broad vision of diverse aspects of the field, they will have the ability to thrive in this new and disruptive technology frontier.

  • Credits : 120 ECTS
  • Minimum 3 semesters of courses (with an average of 30 credits per semester), maximum 6 semesters of courses to complete the master’s cycle.
  • An engineering internship has a duration of at least 8 weeks and maximum 6 months
  • A master’s thesis project for a duration of 18 weeks (including 1 vacation week) if completed at EPFL, or from 18 to 26 weeks (including 1 vacation week) if done in the industry or in another university (30 credits).