Study plan

You must complete 18 ECTS (minimum) of core courses (which you are advised to take during your first year) and complete 38 ECTS of options. For the options you choose one specialization and complete at least 30 ECTS, and may choose at most up to 8 other ECTS from the other specialization. It is also possible to take up to 8 ECTS outside of this study plan (upon validation of the section).

The two semester projects amount each to 8 ECTS and can be done in different labs or both in the same lab and during any of the MA1, MA2, MA3 semesters.

The industrial internship amounts to 12 ECTS and can be done any time after the first MA1 semester. The duration is minimum 8 weeks and maximum one semester (see details in internship page).


For the students who started in 2022 please refer to the 2022-2023 study plan.



Study advisors

You can contact any of the following teachers for academic advice about your class, project selections, or other issues. For administrative questions please contact in priority the section deputy or administrative assistant of SIQ.