Semester projects

Students are required to carry out 2 semester projects during their master cycle. They can be individual or in small groups upon approval of the supervisor or lab. Both projects can be carried out in the same lab or in different labs. These projects are an excellent opportunity to apply technical and transversal skills to realize an engineering project integrating several aspects of Quantum Science and Engineering in a broad sense.

Procedure for students

  • Visit the websites of the different laboratories listed here to find proposed projects, or from other labs related in broad sense to the quantum field (computation/physics or engineering).
  • Discuss your project with the professor and the assistant in charge of the project.
  • Register your project in IS-Academia
  • Print the IS-Academia registration and get it signed by your professor
  • Send the signed IS-Academia registration to SSIQ
  • Submit the written report to the laboratory at the end before the following deadlines:
    • Fall semester: no later than the Friday of the second week after the end of classes. (Calendar)
    • Spring semester: no later than the Friday of the first week after the end of classes. (Calendar)