In a thrilling excursion that seamlessly merged academia with real-world application, the Quantum Science and Engineering class of 2022 embarked on a transformative journey to IBM Zurich on March 14th (which is also pi day). This venture aimed not only to broaden our theoretical understanding but also to witness firsthand the cutting-edge advancements in quantum research.

 The day began with an early rendezvous at the train station, where a palpable sense of excitement hung in the crisp morning air. As a class, we boarded the train bound for Zurich, traversing picturesque landscapes that mirrored the dynamic nature of the quantum realm we were about to explore. The rhythmic hum of the train served as an anticipatory backdrop, echoing the collective curiosity of our group.

Upon arrival in Zurich, we were greeted by the sleek modernity of the city, a fitting precursor to the technological marvels awaiting us at the IBM lab. The journey from the station to the facility was an immersive experience in itself, weaving through the urban tapestry of the city.

Stepping into the IBM Zurich lab was akin to entering a quantum sanctuary. The hushed corridors whispered of breakthroughs yet to be unveiled, while the soft hum of machinery underscored the constant pulse of scientific inquiry. The lab’s ambiance served as a testament to the gravity of the research conducted within its walls.

Our visit was not merely a passive observation; we actively engaged with the quantum research community at IBM. The highlight of the day was an enlightening presentation that bridged the gap between theory and application. Experts in the field guided us through the intricacies of quantum computing, demystifying complex concepts and providing invaluable insights into the future of this transformative technology.

The presentation was not confined to the lecture hall; rather, it served as a launchpad for vibrant discussions and exchanges between our class and the IBM researchers. Questions flowed freely, creating a symbiotic exchange of knowledge that left us with a profound appreciation for the collaborative spirit driving quantum research.

As the day drew to a close, we departed the IBM Zurich lab with minds brimming with newfound knowledge and inspiration. The class outing had seamlessly blended the theoretical foundations of our academic pursuits with the tangible reality of quantum innovation. While rain was pouring down on us on our way back, we stopped to have a drink and discuss what we had just experienced. It was a day that transcended the boundaries of the classroom, propelling us into the forefront of quantum science and engineering, and leaving an indelible mark on our academic journey.

Diego Polimeni, SIQ Student