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Semester or diploma projects for current EPFL students. We are an interdisciplinary robotics lab, meaning our projects are often for students from Section-MT, EL or ME but also frequently suitable for students in other domains.

As the section management on iS-Academia is incomplete at this time please check in the project’s description if it is available for your section before applying.

  Related sections MT and SC
  Type Semester (10 ECTS) or diploma (30 ECTS) project
  Style programming and testing with children, no hardware, few theory
  First assistant Francesco Mondada
  Second assistant Valentina Ferraioli

The rapid progression of AI tools is questioning educational programs. What concepts about AI should be present in the educational programs and at which age? How can we educate young generation to AI concepts, to prepare them to their professional and social life in 5, 10 or 15 years?

The answer to these questions requires a theoretical analysis but also to explore some practice in the classes. This project aims at approaching the second path (practice in classes) by using an educational mobile robot, Thymio, developed at EPFL and largely available in schools.


The goal of the project is to develop a software platform that allow to explore in an interactive way some forms of learning algorithms applied to simple neural networks, and the approach to decision trees.

This platform can be used by the teacher to explain the concepts in a frontal way or can be used by the students to explore the principles. For both situations the application will focus on the visualization of the learning process.

The project will include both the application development and tests with teachers / students in real classroom setups.

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