Mohan Rusconi

MSc Semester Project


Development of the motion parallax based 3D video restitution


Mohan Rusconi


Prof. Dr. Touradj Ebrahimi

Assistants: Martin Rerabek and Philippe Hanhart


June 8, 2012




Depending on the used technology, 3D video can be either represented as stereoscopic, video plus depth or multi-view. Existing portable device market employs either conventional 2D displays or much less often 3D auto-stereoscopic display unit. Assuming conventional 2D display, only anaglyph or motion parallax can be used as restitution methods, in order to observe 3D content on the device screen.

Motion parallax based restitution method is a good alternative to the stereoscopic 3D restitution methods which allows displaying 3D content on conventional 2D consumer portable devices. Moreover, motion parallax based method enable to avoid using of any special environment like for example the “goofy” glasses. The goal of this work is to develop application for android platform which will enable to display 3D video content based on motion parallax.

More specifically the following tasks should be performed:

  • Research and review the recent developments about 3D video restitution methods.
  • Research and review the multi-view video coding formats and video formats suitable to employ motion parallax restitution method and compare their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Install and setup tools for android applications development.
  • Develop the android application to display multi-view video content where appropriate view is rendered based on accelerometer data acquired from mobile phone.
  • Investigate the possibilities of created multi-view video player.
  • Optionally, conduct the subjective tests and compare (motion parallax, anaglyph, auto- stereoscopic).
  • Document all the development process and final version of all codes.