This page provides access to a range of data sets and associated resources used by the JPEG standardization community.

Copyright notice

The test materials provided here have been contributed by various entities who explicitly retain their copyright and make the materials available exclusively for standardisation and academic research purposes. Download and use of the test materials implies that you have read and agreed to the respective copyright notices which are clearly marked as such throughout this site.

Use considerations

If you intend to download a substantial amount of test material, you should arrange to do this between 18:00 and 6:00 (UTC) – this to limit our bandwidth costs – thank you!

Access to test material

The following information points to different data sets. Access to these data sets is password protected. To access a protected data set, you first need to request the necessary credentials by contacting [email protected].
Once connected to the FTP server, you will find the following datasets in corresponding folders.

Dataset Access Folder
JPEG Pleno CfP lenslet datasets jpeg_pleno_lenslet/
JPEG Pleno CfP HDCA datasets jpeg_pleno_hdca/
JPEG PLENO lenslet EPFL light field dataset
ScanLAB Projects: Science Museum Shipping Galleries point cloud dataset


ScanLAB Projects: Bi-plane point cloud dataset


JPEG XS Proposal Evaluations



JPEG XS Core Experiments #5 jpeg_xs/coreexp5/