In addition to research and education, we put an emphasis on innovation and make an effort to transfer technologies and know-how that have been developed within our group. Beside close collaboration with larger size companies and international firms through direct industrial contracts, and CTI project funding, we also use two important other means to transfer our technologies and know-how: Standardization and creation of Spin-off and Start-up companies.


Our research team has been heavily involved in international standardization, These include JPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, JPEG 2000, H.264/AVC, SVC, MVC, JPEG XR, H.265/HEVC and JPEG XT for image and video compression, as well as DMP for content protection, and ECMA for multimedia archival.

Spin-off and Start-up Companies

Our research team has been successful in creating four spin-off and start-up companies. Alpvision is based in Vevey Switzerland and active in the field of watermarking and content integrity verification. Genista was founded in 2000 in the field of multimedia content quality evaluation, and was acquired by Symmetricom in 2007. Emitall is a research company active in emerging and high impact future media technologies, and is based in Montreux. EMITALL Surveillance is a spin-off of Emitall and is active in solutions to protect privacy in video surveillance applications.