Students during Winter Semester 2020

Zijun Cui

Master student in Digital Humanities at EPFL.
My topic in the project is counting people that pass through the cameras, as a part of the data analytics work.

Philine Witzig

Master student in Computer Science in exchange at EPFL.
I am working on the re-identification of people within and between cameras. In the context of ProCam, this can be useful if we want to notify people with fever and want to avoid doing so with the same person multiple times.
Frank  Dupont

Master student in Electrical and Electronical Engineering at EPFL.
I work on face mask detection for the the ProCam system. Our solution helps to identify persons who are not wearing masks or wearing then incorrectly using Deep Learning algorithms trained and tuned on our own recorded videos.
Jean Georges B. Guillain

Master student in Mathematics in exchange at EPFL.
I am working on the web server interface of ProCam, this platform allows you to access the Raspberry Pi live feed and decrypt the images captured by the cameras.
Hangqian Li

Master student in Digital Humanities at EPFL.
I work on the Social Distance detection using deep learning and computer vision.
Aurel Mäder

Master student in Digital Humanities at EPFL.
 In fever detection we try to determine if a person has an abnormally high body temperature given the infrared footage of our thermal cameras.This is done with the statistical concepts of outlier detection and a lot of pratical testing.
Agathe Van Lamsweerde

Master student in Mathematics in exchange at EPFL.
 To protect users from contamination on environmental surfaces, I indicate the most frequent locations to prioritise cleaning and disinfection. The identification of risky surfaces involves tracking the trajectories of all the users of the space.

Matthieu Verdet

Master student in Computer Science at EPFL.
My work at ProCam was to handle Data-Set Acquisition. I created an organization and wrote code to record various scripted scenes. The goal being to provide static and authentic Thermal and Visual content to them to train their Image-Processing models before we get to see the final pipeline.

Benoît Gallois

Bachelor student in Microengineering at EPFL. At ProCam I work on the design and production of the casing for the cameras and the Raspberry Pi. The first step being the realization of a prototype and the evaluation of the different manufacturing methods. The second step will be to prepare and organize the production of the box in large quantities.


Touradj Ebrahimi
Responsible professor, EPFL

Evgeniy Upenik
Technical coordinator, EPFL

Christine Gabriel
Administrative coordinator, EPFL

Davi Nachtigall Lazzarotto
ProCam Coach, EPFL

Jonathan Aeschimann
ProCam Coach, EPFL

Andrey Laktionov
ProCam Coach, EPFL