2nd round of the ISO/MPEG subjective test campaign – subjects required

We need some subjects for a second round of tests.

Unlike the previous round (from March 15-26, 2010), each subject will get paid 50 CHF per half-day of activity.

Next generation video coding standard by ISO/IEC MPEG and ITU-T VCEG

Welcome To The Experiment Registration Website
of The Multimedia Signal Processing Laboratory

We are searching for motivated people to perform a subjective test for the evaluation of video quality. The experiment is part of the MPEG subjective quality test campaign for the evaluation of new High Performance Video Coding algorithms.

The experiment consists in a training session, where the goal of the experiment is explained to the subject, and some viewing sessions, where a set of video sequences is shown on an LCD screen. The subject is asked to judge upon their visual quality. During the experiment, the subject’s choices will be recorded and analyzed afterward.

Each subject will be remunerated by a total amount of 50 CHF per half a day of test.

Practical information

Each subject can participate in as many half-days as he wants to.

For each half-day, we accept a limited number of subjects, plus some substitutes in case of absences or withdrawals. You will receive confirmation for the half-day you have been selected for.

Where: In the MMSPG lab at EPFL

When: Experiments will take place between March 29 and April 9, 2010.

How to register: You may register HERE to receive invitations to participate in our experiment and select date and time according to the current availability. You will receive an email to confirm the correct registration

About HVC

The High Performance Video Coding (HVC) is the new generation of video compression technology being developped in the framework of the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG). The target is higher compression capability than the existing MPEG-4/H.264 AVC standard.

Companies and organizations who have developed compression technology that they believe to be better than AVC are invited to submit proposals. To evaluate the proposed compression technologies, formal subjective tests will be performed. The Multimedia Signal Processing Group has been chosen to conduct a part of those subjective tests.