General information

The map above shows all UHPFRC (Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composite) projects realized in Switzerland that the MCS Laboratory at EPFL was involved in or is aware of. Applications like decorative elements (i.e. facade panels, urban furniture and similar) are not included in the database.

The map is interactive and reacts to different filters.

Click on the legend of the map, the name of a canton or a year in the listing to highlight the corresponding applications. The commands CTRL and SHIFT allow you to select multiple entries in the listing and to highlight your specific choices on the map.

Database updates

The database was last updated on 26.06.2022.

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The information contained on this webpage is collected from publicly available sources (i.e. reference sheets from construction companies) or is generously provided from different actors involved in UHPFRC construction in Switzerland. Please note that some data could not be verified, results from rough estimates or is incomplete. Any usage of this information other than your personal, informational and non-commercial use is not recommended.