Kazemi Kamyab Mohammadhadi

TEAM Project – Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Duration : 01.11.2009 – 31.10.2012

Supervisor : Dr. Emmanuel Denarié

Co-Supervisor : Professor Eugen Brühwiler

PhD student : Mohammadhadi Kazemi Kamyab

Thermo-Hygro-Mechanical Effects In UHPFRC-Concrete Composite Members

The proposed research project would specifically provide fundamental information on the influence of (1) concrete substrate conditions (hygral interactions), (2) temperature (low monotonic temperatures and realistic temperatures) on early age volume changes (autogenous shrinkage, drying shrinkage) and stress development (restrained shrinkage) and other mechanical properties of a UHPFRC recipe from an early age up to 28 days. Therefore the objectives of this research are the following :

  1. Study the effect of low temperatures (5 to 20°C) on the development of mechanical properties, free deformations and eigenstresses of UHPFRC at very early age, up to 28 days.
  2. Study the effect of hygral transport at very early age in UHPFRC, from or to outside, and with concrete substrate.
  3. Provide new models able to predict the free deformations and eigenstresses for temperatures between 5 to 30°C and use the existing hygral transport models to predict the moisture diffusion and moisture profiles in UHPFRC.
  4. Apply the findings and models to optimize the conditions of application of UHPFRC in composite structures: limit temperatures for application, recommended moist curing, preparation of substrate, etc.


Authors : Mohammadhadi KAZEMI-KAMYAB, Emmanuel DENARIÉ, Eugen BRÜHWILER
Title : Very early age Stiffness development of UHPFRC matrices in low temperatures
8th fib Phd Symposium in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark, June 20-23,2010