Oesterlee Cornelius

Funding : CTI Cemsuisse, Swiss Steel AG

Duration : 01.03.2006 – 30.09.2010

Supervisor : Professor Eugen Brühwiler

PhD student : Oesterlee Cornelius

Structural response of reinforced UHPFRC and high performance composite elements

The objective of the research work is to study the structural response of Reinforced Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (R/UHPFRC) combined with normal concrete structural elements.
This type of composite elements offers a wide potential of application, especially for rehabilitation and improvement of existing concrete structures (load bearing capacity and durability). R/UHPFRC provides high tensile and compressive strength, strain hardening in tension, high deformability and impermeability to water and aggressive substances.

Major aspects to be investigated are :

  • Reinforcement employing steel of variable tensile strength for high deformability.
  • Representative specimen in terms of fibre orientation, layer thickness etc.
  • Analytical and numerical study on the structural behaviour of composite elements.

Implementation of research results and application of R/UHPFRC may help to realise cost-effective and long-term durable structures and rehabilitation of those and to avoid multiple interventions due to premature, local damage.