Kalogeropoulos Alexis

SNSF Grant n°200021-119797/1

Duration : 01.07.2008 – 01.07.2011

Supervisor : Professor Eugen Brühwiler

PhD student : Alexis Kalogeropoulos

Non-destructive-detection of chlorides and moisture structural elements such as concrete bridge decks using high frequency electromagnetic waves

This project aims at the non-destructive detection of the presence of chlorides and moisture in bridges deck’s concrete by investigating the propagation and reflection of Ground Penetrating Radar electromagnetic waves.

The project is carried out with three partners (EPFL, Empa, Forchungszentrum Jülich).

The outcome of this research will be the generation of controlled chloride and water gradients within concrete specimens. And a methodology localizing within Ground Penetrating Radar datasets the presence of chlorides and/or moisture.

 Ground Penetrating Radar test measurement setup Ground Penetrating Radar reflection amplitude quotient variation with changing chloride and moisture content


Hugenschmidt, J., Kalogeropoulos, A., Soldovieri, F., Prisco, G., Processing strategies for high-resolution GPR concrete inspections, NDT & E International, Volume 43, Issue 4, June 2010, Pages 334-342, ISSN 0963-8695, DOI: 10.1016/j.ndteint.2010.02.002.

Kalogeropoulos, A., Hugenschmidt, J., van der Kruk, J., Merz, K., Bosh, S., Chlorides and moisture assessment in concrete by GPR full-waveform inversion. Near Surface Geophysics (Special Issue).