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Molecular Reagents


The ability to reproducibly target expression of transgenes to defined subsets of cells is a critical experimental tool for understanding many biological processes. We have designed and developed a modular Drosophila vector series, pBID, to optimize and accelerate the production and analysis of Drosophila transgenes. Our vectors allow 1. phiC31 targeted transgene integration, 2. incorporate insulator sequences and an artificial minimal promoter to ensure specific and uniform transgene expression, 3. allow easy mini-white selection and 4. utilize Gateway recombination cloning technology to enable high-throughput assembly (some vectors are also available in restriction cloning variants). A complete description of the vector design and evaluation is published here. All vectors are available from the nonprofit Addgene repository here or upon request if necessary. You can download maps and sequences of the entire pBID1 series in FASTA format here or Snapgene format here.

Coming soon: pBID2 – enhanced UAS expression, LexOP and QUAS variants, and vectors for GAL4, LexA and QF2 enhancer controlled expression.


All other constructs or other reagents generated in any of our publications are available freely upon request.

Drosophila Reagents

All Drosophila stocks generated in any of our publications are available freely and without obligation upon request. With your request, please include details and supporting documents to allow importation of Drosophila to your country (e.g. USA). Lines are distributed as a courtesy by Swiss Post though transit times can sometimes be long. Alternatively, if you wish to use a courier service, please include full details (account number, exact delivery address and telephone number) with your request.


Custom code we have generated for our analysis of microscopy and behavioral data in any of our publications is freely available to download here


Microscopy, electrophysiology and other datasets we have generated for our publications can be accessed and downloaded here