Our research covers the following domains:

Image Segmentation, Object Detection and Tracking

Multimodal Signal and Image Analysis

  • Lip reading
  • Multimodal speaker tracking

Medical Image Analysis

  • Registration and Segmentation : Atlas-based Segmentation & multimodal registration, Model-Based Surface Registration, Statistical Classification
  • Diffusion MR Imaging: White matter segmentation in DT-MRI using geometric flows, Segmentation of thalamus and its nuclei in DT-MRI, Diffusion MR Imaging and Fiber Tracking

Face Analysis

Facial Analysis Methods and ApplicationsWe currently have 5 PhD students and one post-doc assistant working on projects related to face detection, tracking and analysis

Ultrasound Imaging

LTS5 research in ultrasound imaging regularization methods in ultrasound imaging. In terms of acoustic wave propagation, ultrasound imaging poses an inverse problem which relates the tissue reflectivity.

Eye Tracking & Gaze Estimation

Objective: Development of a real-time eye tracking system and methodology that provides a high estimation accuracy (~1° visual angle error) and high tolerance to unconstrained conditions.