Peer evaluation – Quotes

“Murat Kunt is one of the key inventors of field of image communications.  His early picture coding innovations quite literally spawned consumer digital video through its adoption by RCA and Intel..  Through a long career, Murat has continuously evolved his teaching and research to press the out limits of picture representations and their applications.  He has certainly done more than his share of hosting symposia, meetings and conferences that keep the field vibrant. We at MIT maintain tight coupling to his lab through a constant, free flow of visiting faculty, post-doctoral students, and Ph.D. thesis committee participation.  His group at EPFL is unmatched in spirit, enthusiasm and originality.  It inspires everyone in the research community as the way to run a lab and get the most out of their students.” – Prof. Dr. Nicholas Negroponte, Director, Media Lab, MIT  

“Over the past 30 years, under the leadership of Professor Murat Kunt, the Signal Processing Laboratory at EPFL has been carrying out some of the most creative, exciting and groundbreaking work in the areas of signal, image and video processing. This laboratory’s research program covers a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from biomedical signal processing to video compression to theoretical signal processing. I consider him to be the foremost leader and authority in image processing in Europe, and perhaps the world.” – Prof. Dr. Avideh Zakhor, University of California, Berkeley  

“Professor Kunt is recognized as one of the pioneers and leading world authorities in the areas of signal and image processing R&D.  The collaboration between Motorola and the Signal Processing Laboratory, for which he is responsible within EPFL, is key to driving technological advances for future multimedia communications products.  In addition, the quality of the graduates which have joined Motorola from LTS is of the highest level, with the result that their expertise is sought from many other locations within the corporation.” — Dr. Alistair Buttar, Manager, Multimedia Technology EMEA, Motorola

“Professor Murat Kunt and his Signal Processing Laboratory have been a major international resource for education and research in signal processing, especially in image and video processing. The lab’s vast work provides a mix of improvements on standards with the development of new approaches that will become practicable as computing power advances.” – Prof. Dr. Robert M. Gray, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University  

“Under Professor Kunt’s leadership, the EPFL Signal Processing Lab has become one of HP’s most distinguished and enduring university partnerships.  We at HP Labs and within the business units have greatly benefited from the inspired work of this world-class scientist and his talented team of students and staff.  It is rare to find an individual who so expertly aligns the academic and research mission of the university with the evolving needs of the high tech business world.  We are fortunate to have found that person in Murat.” — Dick Lampman, Vice President and Director, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories  

“I highly respect Prof. Kunt’s great contributions to the progress of signal processing technologies and to developing a number of excellent researchers.” — Yoshitaka Hashimoto, Sony Corporate Research Labs

“Professor Murat Kunt is one of the leading researchers in the area of image and video compression.  Progress is often made by thinking differently and working hard.  Murat is a good example of this approach.  It is always a great pleasure to discuss both technical and other matters with him.  He has shown enormous persistence by developing the European signal processing community.  The value of this kind of unselfish service is just enormous.” – Prof. Yrjö Neuvo, Executive Vice President and CTO, Nokia Mobile Phones

“Prof. Murat Kunt, responsible for the Signal Processing  Laboratory at EPFL, Switzerland, has been a pioneer in signal and  image processing for decades, producing both technical innovations  and academic talents which have had significant impacts in the  field. We at Bell Labs are glad to have the opportunity to hire his former students and to express our gratitude towards his contributions.” Dr. Arun N. Netravali, President, Bell Laboratories