Temperature, Fields and Pressure

High-pressure measurements

The LQM has the access and expertise for the study of pressure-dependent sample properties using both in-house and facility-based pressure cells. In-house options constitute a 30 kbar cell with wire-feedthrough that allows the study of bulk properties at liquid helium temperatures (4.2 K), and a 10 kbar cell can be used in combination with the Cryogenic SQUID for routine magnetic property measurements for temperatures down to 1.4 K.

LQM is also involved in the regular use and maintenance of pressure cells optimized for neutron scattering experiments at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). Clamp cells optimized for both inelastic and elastic neutron scattering respectively provide sample pressures up 17 kbar and 15 kbar at liquid helium temperatures, and on both single crystal and powder samples. Also available is a Paris-Edinburgh Press with dedicated cryocooler. This equipment allows the study of powder samples under applies pressures of up to 100 kbar, and at temperatures down to 2 K.