Materials Discovery


Solvent evaporation crystalization facility

Hydrothermal synthesis. Teflon lined bombs, with external pressure control, glass-bombs

2 Julabo thermal baths, computer controlable

2 Memert ovens, one computer controlable

Examples of materials and crystals synthesized

Sample preparation


Real-time X-ray Laue camera
with multi-wire detector for alignment of single crystal samples. The Laue camera is located in the PH0 493 X-ray laboratory. Before usage, please contact the responsible person: Luc Testa.

Manufacturer: and

Sample cutting and polishing laboratory (IPMC)
IPMC hosts a selection of wire and diamond-disc saws for cutting samples, and excellent polishing capabilties down to Angstrom roughness. Several goniometers exist allowing transfer of aligned crystals from the real-time Laue camera to the cutting machines. The cutting machines are in the PH K1 521 metallography lab. Before usage, please contact Prof. Henrik Ronnow.